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Can privacy and security online really coexist through strong encryption? Should law enforcement authorities have access to your private communications? The Internet Society European Bureau is pleased to invite you to an exclusive event on encryption and lawful access in Brussels on 25th June. Join us to have a multistakeholder discussion on the critical debate on encryption and lawful access solutions for crime prevention and combatting terrorism, particularly in the light of the recent G7 outcome document and the Christchurch Call. For more details please click here. This new book, written in French by Aristide Luneau and Marie-Laure Daridan attempts to show the usefulness of lobbying and provides insight to the functioning of democracy. Brussels hosts more than The Future Media Lab. We aim to build a bridge between the fast-paced innovations in the media sector and long-lasting legislative procedures. Every year, the EBS attracts more than 2, participants from over 60 countries, European Commissioners, Prime Ministers, high-level officials and about journalists.

EN 826:2013

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This European Standard specifies the equipment and procedures to be used when determining the compression behaviour of test specimens. It is applicable to thermal insulating products and can be used to determine the compressive stress in compressive creep tests and for applications in which insulation products are only exposed to short-term loads.

The method can be used for quality control purposes. It may also be employed to obtain reference values from which design values can be calculated using safety factors. Ta metoda se lahko uporablja za preverjanje kakovosti. Standard the status of a national standard without any alteration. Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national. A version in any other language made by translation.

EN E. Annex A normative Modifications to the general test method for cellular glass products This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an identical. Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent.

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Velo-city is a series of cycle planning conferences that started in in Bremen. The Velo-city The Velo-city EXPO was an integral part of the conference with the booths completely Up to date, more than 60 cities have signed the Charter of Brussels while the process remains open for interested authorities.

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This unique English language programme focuses on the rapidly changing field of media and communication in a European context. This Master of Communication Studies gives you the unique opportunity to study in an environment with all European institutions right at hand. The European Union plays a crucial role in media and communication policies. It has tried to foster a single European market in media and services. Through several large programmes, it has stimulated innovation and the emergence of a European Information Society.

In this master programme, you will gain an understanding of European policy and policymaking in the fields of media, innovation and the internet.

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If you fill in the questionnaire, you will receive the results of the study and will be invited to the closing event where results will be presented end Interested to fill in the on-line questionnaire and take part in our study? If you have already received the questionnaire by e-mail, you can also take part using the link mentioned in it. Marie Depelssemaker marie.

Legal notice – privacy notice – Cookie’s policy. Extranet EN. How to become a member? Transeo Members are involved in the valuation working group. A working group meeting was organized with them in Brussels on 18th February The research project aims at identifying the deal-breakers in SME business transfers coming from a price expectation mismatch between potential buyers and sellers. Among the elements that could contribute to this mismatch, it has been observed that the valuation methods used to compute the fair value of a SME DCF, multiples analysis or asset-based approach neglected the intrinsic features of this type of companies.

The study intends to guide buy-side and sell-side participants of a small business transfer towards a zone of possible agreement by taking into account the characteristics of SMEs during the valuation process. Other news from Transeo: Transeo Members have also worked on the topic of the awareness-raising among business owners about business transfer.

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Updated: Aug 23, IST. Toggle navigation. The authors will present readings of their texts in their respective languages as well as in English. The format encourages the audience to listen to many authors through the course of the evening. Each author reads to an audience of about people for 20 minutes. The group then moves to the next room to listen to another author.

Chris Hadfield: Brussels () We can be uncannily precise about the date on which the world ended. painting Rain, Steam and Speed, which portrays an eerie landscape of urban infrastructures dipped in sunset light and industrial mist.

The aim is to put the permanent collections in the spotlight. Different special events will be staged this summer to encourage visitors to actually come and meet their date. Dating takes a special place in the initiative. You will experience this immediately upon visiting the interactive homepage www. It should also be taken literally. All information is available on the website.

Extra attention was paid to expats and visitors from abroad. If you are lucky enough to hail from the right country, you can enjoy a special welcome tour in your native language. There is the story of the iguanodons found in a coal mine in Bernissart, to give just one example. The relatively well-kept skeletons even travelled to Japan to go on display there.

Share business events in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium

New ages for flowstone, sediments and fossil bones from the Dinaledi Chamber are presented. We combined optically stimulated luminescence dating of sediments with U-Th and palaeomagnetic analyses of flowstones to establish that all sediments containing Homo naledi fossils can be allocated to a single stratigraphic entity sub-unit 3b , interpreted to be deposited between ka and ka. This result has been confirmed independently by dating three H. We consider the maximum age scenario to more closely reflect conditions in the cave, and therefore, the true age of the fossils.

By combining the US-ESR maximum age estimate obtained from the teeth, with the U-Th age for the oldest flowstone overlying Homo naledi fossils, we have constrained the depositional age of Homo naledi to a period between ka and ka.

Brussels,. 5 December Speed dating session. List of projects. InveStIng In a. SocIaL europe! – 67 avenue de Tervueren, Bruxelles.

Any SME wanting to develop and grow must consider operating internationally. This internationalisation often includes exporting via sales agreements facilitated by distributors. It is essential for the company to conclude strategic partnerships based on technical collaboration and innovation. Speed dating offers real opportunities in this respect. Here are 10 tips for well-prepared speed dating. Prospecting to generate new business is a long-term job for the company.

In fact, successfully transforming a prospect into a real customer takes time, and risks being very expensive.


Velo-city is a series of cycle planning conferences that started in in Bremen. The conferences are one of the world’s primary forums for the exchange of bicycling expertise. At the beginning, the conference guests and speakers were mainly bicycle advocates, but today Velo-city is well known for gathering all those who are involved in the policy, promotion and provision for cyclists. This mixture of people, professions, skills and experience is a valuable component of the events’ success.

EN – This European Standard specifies the equipment and procedures to be used when Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national Management Centre: Avenue Marnix 17, B Brussels of products under a force applied to a small area of a test specimen at a given speed.

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Independent dating techniques have established that the H. naledi fossils ​; Pickering et al., a; Dirks and Berger, ; Bruxelles et al., ). Double blind U-Th results from JCU and UoM are shown in Tables 2.

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This is a message for our consumers to understand in regards to the production and changes we are making to our batteries. The recent battery indeed exist in two versions, one is the sold separately version, one is the free included in kit version. The has been the dominate industry standard of battery for almost 3 consecutive years. We took it upon ourselves to aim for a better battery and standards for the industry. Our aim was a success, able to meet the industry standards and have a great acceptance in the vaping community.

We provided the community with over half a million batteries at below cost and have since not been able to keep up with production due to demand. Also we have experienced a flux in battery material costs and are now unable to keep the price from fluctuating with the battery cost as well. The issue was providing the market with a battery that was still affordable and just as reliable. The batteries we were providing in our product kits have had a type of 5 leg top contact which we are no longer providing in our product kits, but will be sold separately.

While we still want to provide our customers with our batteries in our kits we have made a economical standard 4leg top contact instead, which is just as stable and reliable. These batteries will be provided to our customers inside the kits for free. There are now two different types of batteries that we are now providing to you as our consumers. The differences will be the label and the leg top contacts.

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